[fr]SPLACH - Rencontre avec Les Éditions 205[en]SPLACH – Talk with Éditions 205

Hors les murs, Rencontre

Event organised as part of the lecture series SPLACH, Séminaire Pour l’Art et les CHoses imprimées, in partnership with the École des beaux-arts de Sète and the Librairie L’Échappée Belle.

Meet us at the École des beaux-arts de Sète,
23 rue Jean Moulin, Sète.
For all. Free, subject to availability.

Éditions 205 publishes books on graphic design, on typography, and on practices that enrich and support the vision and imagination of readers: the Anthropocene, architecture, urban planning, the landscape.

Convinced that giving meaning to the images and signs that surround us day-to-day increases our autonomy and civic-mindedness, Éditions 205 wishes to offer books that appeal to the widest possible readership.

The publishing house is directed by Damien Gautier and Florence Cortat-Roller who, through their backgrounds and their experience as graphic designers in the publishing world, believe in viewing books as objects that ally simplicity and richness, obviousness and questioning, form and function.
Since 2010, Éditions 205 has been challenging the definition of the book: form, materiality, the mode and place of production and distribution, production costs… because they believe that today, conceiving, producing and distributing books can be an activity driven by profitability, efficiency, not even aesthetics.

Damien Gautier and Florence Cortat-Roller co-direct Bureau 205, a graphic design studio, and the type foundry 205TF.

Date: Thursday 23 November 2023

Time: [fr]à 18h30[en]6.30 p.m.

Location: 23, rue Jean Moulin
34200 Sète (Hérault)
Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Sète

Free event

Audience: Tout public