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Mediation for everyone

The Crac Occitanie, a place for intense exploration of contemporary art, diverse and surprising meetings, active visits, and fruitful exchanges!

A team

The team of mediators welcomes you upon arrival, to introduce you to the exhibitions, the art centre, and its activities.
If you wish to visit independently, they can give you advice on how to proceed, and offer tools for your visit.
If you prefer to be guided, they offer varied and interactive tours, as well as discovery workshops, always adapted to visitors’ ages and accessibility needs.
The mediation team is made up of highly qualified professionals, most of them artists and art historians who are specialists in contemporary art with a passion for transmission.

A variety of tours and workshops, a programme of events

Enrich your experience of the exhibitions by meeting artists, art historians, mediators, and specialists who share their points of view on the works.
The programme of cultural actions revolves around a season of exhibitions: regular tours designed by mediators, outstanding performances and concerts conceived by guests, events in partnership with local organisations…

See the whole programme of current and future activities in on the Events page.

Tours to suit your needs:

Weekend tours - for everyone, year-round.

Saturdays and Sundays, at 2pm and 4pm
Let yourself be carried by the play of chance, drawing lots to pick the work that a mediator will help you interpret. For a half-hour, you can look exhibitions from a different perspective.
Free admission.

Fun tours or Cric Crac workshops – for children aged 7-12

During school holidays on Fridays, beginning at 2pm.
The Crac offers children active, participatory explorations of the exhibitions involving art viewing games, drawing, collage, origami, and stories echoing the artists’ universe.
- Fun tours last one hour and take place in the exhibition rooms.

  • Cric Crac workshops last two hours. Taking place in a dedicated space, these workshop sessions are more substantial than during the fun visits.

Registration required by phone: +33 (0)4 67 74 94 37

Flash tours - for everyone

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 4pm-4:15pm, throughout the school holidays.
Flash Tours are occasional, specific interventions by mediators in the Crac’s exhibition spaces. They make it possible to approach the exhibitions in a different way, by spending about fifteen minutes focusing on a single work.
Free admission.

Tours in French Sign Language (LSF) – accessible to deaf and hearing-impaired people

One Saturday per season, from 4pm to 5pm.
For each of its exhibitions, the Crac Occitanie offers a tour in oral French translated into French Sign Language (LSF). These tours foster practice and knowledge of LSF as well as contact between hearing, deaf, and hearing-impaired visitors.

This event is part of the Crac’s mission to foster accessibility for all.

Courses with an artist and Action Art workshops – for everyone, or specifically for adolescents

On certain weekends.
Come spend an afternoon with an artist. Several times per year, artists offer an artistic practice session that echoes one of the Crac’s exhibitions, for adults only or for both adults and children.
Action artist Pascale Ciapp offers this same format for adolescents, once each exhibition season.

A Gentle Sunday - Relaxing, Choreographic or Haptic tours

For everyone aged 12+.
Come and experiment with another way of meeting works of art. Open yourself to new practices linked with the body, and go on a journey of discovery of the works, accompanied by professional contributors.
Registration required by phone: +33 (0)4 67 74 94 37.

Tours by the director of the Crac, by artists or by the exhibitions’ curators

For everyone, one Sunday per exhibition season, from 4pm to 5pm.
These tours are a special chance to explore the exhibitions in the company of those who conceived them.

For groups: visits by appointment

Entry, guided tours and all the activities of the Crac Occitanie are free for all groups.

To schedule and prepare your visit: Vanessa Rossignol
Tel.: +33 (0)4 67 74 89 69

Group visits are welcome, by reservation with visitor services.
Prior to the visit, group leaders, teachers and tour operators can contact visitor services to discuss adapting and defining their outing to the Crac Occitanie.
It is also possible to arrange a preparatory meeting on-site for visits that require a special conception for integration into an Arts and Cultural Education (EAC) programme, or into a specific educational or cultural project, or to prepare for accessibility needs.


All of the rooms are accessible to people with reduced mobility.
The Crac Occitanie has been given the “tourism and disability” label (motor and mental) and the Family Plus label.
The Crac Occitanie is a partner of many major local and national associations and organisations working in the social and health fields: Culture et sport solidaires 34, Secours populaire, Via Voltaire, Concerthau, Coraline, Convergences 34, Atelier Quai et Toiles, Perce Neige, Léo Lagrange, Les Fontaine d’ô, Association des Paralysés de France (APF), Groupement pour l’Insertion des personnes Handicapées Physiques (GIHP), Etablissement d’Aide par le Travail (ESAT), Foyer d’Accueil Médicalisé (FAM), Foyer occupationnel, hôpitaux de jour, Association nationale de Parents et Amis Gestionnaires d’Etablissements et Services pour les personnes handicapées (APAMIGEST), etc.

Contacts – visitor services

• Vanessa Rossignol, head of visitor services:
• Lucille Bréard, teacher-project manager for the education service:
• Pauline Douchamps, teacher-project manager for the education service:

The actions of Visitor Services are part of a partnership dynamic involving exchanges and shared experiences within professional networks like: