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The Crac promotes accessibility to contemporary art for all members of the public, and favours human mediation, developing adapted tools and offering actions that allow different sectors of the public to meet and interact.

All rooms are accessible to people with reduced mobility.
The Crac Occitanie has been given the “tourism and disability” label (both motor and mental disability).

The Crac has signed a cultural partnership agreement with the Psychiatry and Mental Health centre of Hôpitaux du Bassin de Thau and the association Ateliers Quais et Toiles, which runs artistic practice workshops within therapeutic workshops.

Disabled people are welcomed for group visits by mediators, and they benefit from adapted support in the form of interactive tours, including or not including activities.
The Visitor Services team is available to group leaders to prepare a visit or develop a particular project.

To discuss or reserve group visits, contact:
Vanessa Rossignol, Head of Visitor Services.
04 67 74 94 37 (89 69),

For each exhibition, the Crac offers a tour in oral French translated into French Sign Language, intended for everyone, and accessible to deaf or hearing-impaired people. (Lien vers agenda et vidéo d’annonce de la visite LSF).

The Crac programmes events and workshops that are also accessible to deaf people. (Lien vers agenda).

[Lien vers document “La performance et les ateliers « signadansés » de la Compagnie Singulier Pluriel”]

For each exhibition, the Crac programmes a sensory tour and offers a set of tools (tactile maps, large-font visit guides, braille visit guides, a materials library, etc.) accessible to blind or partially sighted people. In an approach that brings separated members of the public closer together, the Crac gets high school students to help design inclusive tools (models of works, audio descriptions) as part of EAC projects.

[Lien vers document “Deux projets pour le public aveugle d’éducation artistique 2021-2022 en lycée autour de la réalisation d’outils inclusifs”]

Partners : Des’L Interprétation, FAF-LR, Comité Hérault Valentin Haüy, UNAPEI-Pays de Thau, IMPro les Hirondelles et Foyer Jean Piaget La Peyrade, Hôpital de jour de Sète et de Béziers, association Quais et toiles Sète, IES et IME La Corniche Sète, FAM Les Fontaines d’ô Montpellier.